Sentra HD Bariatric Wheelchair

Product Description

The Sentra Bariatric Wheelchair is a high quality mobility aid that has been constructed with an incredibly strong and sturdy steel frame with an attractive chrome finish. Boasting an impressive weight capacity of 318 kgs (50 st), the bariatric wheelchair has a number of important functions to provide the most comfortable wheelchair possible and further benefit the user experience.

The seat and backrest are made from attractive double embossed vinyl upholstery that is exceptionally comfortable, robust and easy to wipe clean for unwavering levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Well padded armrests and height adjustable footrests improve user comfort and support whilst the large solid front and rear wheels are ideal for uneven surfaces and make the wheelchair suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the armrests can be effortlessly removed for improved access, helping with side transfers from wheelchair to chair or toilet. When not in use the Sentra Bariatric Wheelchair simply folds up for excellent storage or taking out and about.


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