Liko FreeSpan UltraTwin

Product Description

Lifting very heavy people requires special techniques and specially designed lift equipment. Liko’s lift system for lifting over 300 kg / 661 lbs. is called UltraTwin. The UltraTwin principle is based on the use of two Likorall lift units working in tandem to lift and position the patient. For lifting, both units are used, while for positioning in an upright, semi-seated or prone position, only one lift unit is used. FreeSpan UltraTwin is height-adjustable to four positions, and 8 different rail lengths are available, allowing a total width of 2 to 5.5 metres.

To facilitate the installation of lift units and/or move the FreeSpan UltraTwin to another location, the lift system can be lowered to the transport position (1700 mm / 67 inch.). FreeSpan UltraTwin has lockable twin castor wheels, is made of aluminium and is despite its low weight a very stable lift system. FreeSpan UltraTwin complies with EN ISO 10535 according to the Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC.


Product Demonstration Video

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