Lifty 6 Bariatric Mobile Hoist

Product Description

The Lifty 6 Bariatric Mobile Hoist is sturdily built and has a very high maximum user weight, making it ideal for bariatric use. Simple to use and wonderfully versatile, this hoist comes fitted with large castors and an ergonomic steering handle to enable easier movement between locations. The rear castors also lock to prevent the Lifty 6 Bariatric Mobile Hoist from moving dangerously during patient transfers. A four-point spreader bar enables the carer to attach a sling quickly and easily depending on the situation. This spreader bar is able to swivel 360° to facilitate easier fitting and manoeuvring during transfers. Electronic leg adjustment allows the carer to facilitate the correct amount of support to suit each transfer scenario, making this Lifty 6 Bariatric Mobile Hoist very versatile as well as remarkably reliable. High-quality components such as Linak actuators ensure that this hoist is built to last; a five-year warranty is also included with purchase to provide further peace of mind. This hoist has the highest lifting capacity in the range of is able to support transfers of users who weigh up to 330 kgs (52 st).


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