Interlude 500 Bariatric Ultra Low Bed

Product Description

As the only bariatric bed on the market with a load capacity of 499kg, the Interlude 500 aims to deliver a unique solution to the UK hospital and care sector. Able to lower to 21cm (8 inches) from the ground, this bariatric bed not only reduces the risk of falls, it also makes it easier for special needs patients to enter and exit the bed, improving their autonomy. Equipped with an integrated scale and a bed exit detection system, the Interlude 500 will make a huge difference to nurses and users who will benefit from the unique advantages of our ultra-low profile bariatric bed.




Technical Specification

Platform width: Adjustable from 89cam to 97cm to 104cm to 119cm to 134cm.

Overall width at 89cm: 101cm

Overall width at 135cm: 144cm

Platform length: 203cm to 213cm to 223cm

Overall length at 203cm: 237cm

Overall length at 224cm: 257cm

Minimum Height: 21cm

Maximum height: 81cm

Load capacity: 499kg

Back rest angle: 70 degrees

Foot rest angle: 34 degrees

Trendelenburg position: -14 to + 14 degrees

Under bed clearance: 14.9cm

Bed weight: 199kg

Product Video

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