BFM3 Bariatric Modular Mattress

Product Description

The BFM3 mattress has firm side edges to aid patient transfer. It is covered in a vapour permeable, PU two-way stretch, breathable and waterproof cover.

The mattress is also available with foldable/removable arms which allows the mattress to be used on expandable-width bariatric beds and is also useful when transporting the patients through doorways and in lifts.

The side squabs each have a label on the end of them showing clearly which way up to position them and the zips on the squabs should be facing downwards and in-towards the main mattress. The single squab sections are placed at the head end of the bed and the split section (consisting of 30” + 10” combined) is placed at the foot end of the bed. This ensures the full profiling function of the bed works correctly. For ease of transportation around the hospital the squabs can be simply folded onto the main mattress helping to reduce the overall width from 48” to 36”.


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