Bariatric Single Patient Use Slide Sheets

Product Description

140 x 200cm

Product Code:
5MBSSHEET/WH – 140 x 200cm With Handles
5MBSSHEET/WOH – 140 x 200cm Without Handles

The intended use of a slide sheet is to reduce the friction and shear during the task of moving and /or repositioning a patient on a surface; it also reduces the effort and reduces the manual handling risk of the staff undertaking these manoeuvres (Fray 2015). Prior to the use of a Slide Sheet a thorough risk assessment in line with local policy should be undertaken to identify and mitigate against potential risks. Principals of independent movement should be considered wherever possible (e.g. whether a patient can assist in the movement using the slide sheet).

Features & Benefits

  1. Strong sheet – optimum durability
  2. Individually packed – reduces unnecessary use
  3. Silicone coated with high slip finish
  4. Safe and easy patient movement
  5. Hanging strap – easy storage close to the patient
  6. Drawstring Bag available– minimises risk of misuse
  7. Latex free – minimises risk of allergic reaction
  8. Available in a wide choice of sizes
  9. Flat and Tubular sheets available


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