Bariatric Single Patient Use Repositioning Sheet

Product Description

150 x 230cm

The Versal Plus is a combination pack consisting of the Versal Slide Sheet & Banana Repositioning Sling to offer a safer more dignified experience for plus sized patients when moving and handling. The pack reduces the effort and reduces the manual handling risk of staff undertaking the manoeuvres. Prior to the use of a Slide Sheet and sling a thorough risk assessment in line with local policy should be undertaken to identify and mitigate against potential risks. Principals of independent movement should be considered wherever possible (e.g. whether a patient can be assist in the movement using the slide sheet)

Features & Benefits

  1. Makes repositioning safer & easier
  2. Reduces forces required to move patients
  3. Increases comfort and provides a better experience
  4. Bed sheet sling working in conjunction with the Versal slide sheet
  5. More focused & specialised approach for the patients needs
  6. 454kg SWL
  7. In Bed repositioning
  8. In Bed turning
  9. Compatible with loop spreader bar


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