Dynamic – Aura Low Air Loss Mattress

Product Description

The AURA LOW AIR LOSS replacement mattress is a mattress with individual cells which stay inflated and are ventilated providing “constant low pressure “ to the end-user”. Providing maximum air circulation to the body it reduces the build up of moisture on the skin consequently eliminating one of the reasons for Pressure Ulcers.

The AURA LOW AIR LOSS is a Very High-Risk system in the treatment and prevention of Pressure Ulcers combining extra comfort to all different types of medical conditions including Cachexia and Severe Oedema but also maintaining a Good Quality of Life for the end-user.

Within the AURA LAL system, there are different functions which the clinician can use depending on their needs. Besides the static low air loss, there is also a pulsate function and an Alternating function but with the added benefit of the comfortable Low Air Loss cells.


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