Asset Tracking

The Problem

Equipment stored within a hospital for use as required by the hospital. Traceability or audit trail needed as proof of the equipment being used and then located within the building/wards.


Fit Gateways at Strategic points throughout the hospital and in-store area. Fit BLE Tags to the beds and other equipment (Hoists, Trolleys, etc.). Use Gateway/Tags to removal from store and establish location such as floor and Ward No.

The Hardware

Gateway1 in Equipment Store and 1 in Wards

3G/2G Cellular
WiFi option
Powered (12V PSU)
Can poll up to 100 tags*

*Gen 2 in April/May will allow up to 500 tags

Proximity TagFitted to equipment

Bluetooth Low Energy
Adhesive mounted
Range up to 80 mtrs (line of sight)
24 months battery life*

*Gen 2 in April/May will extend to 5 years

Asset Tracking Example

Web-based Solution

Continuous Visibility, Compliance and Protection

• Specific client-defined protocols

• Real-time environmental sensing
• Geo-fencing & route fencing
• Real-time location tracking
• Stationary & movement detection
• Critical Alerts and notifications
• Reporting & data analytics
• Provides a clear chain of custody & control
• Web-based and mobile supported

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